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Updated: May 8

Byōm™ is a delicious dietary supplement, stacked with the great taste of strawberries. This product contains trace ionic minerals and other life-enhancing nutrients mixed into our harmonizing blend with outstanding effects to help hydrate and alkalize your body.

9 STRAINS OF BACTERIA + OVER 20 BILLION CFUS = 1 HEALTHY, SUPPORTIVE MICROBIOME Start your day the healthy way, with a snap pack of byōm™ to help balance and nourish your GUT. Get a supplement that is formulated to make you feel better inside and out.

Using this byōm™ product is a convenient and healthy way to support your GUT health with lots of benefits that can keep you feeling healthier, happier, and hydrated. OUR AWESOME SNAPS


Helps Balance The pH Levels In Your Body‡

Improves Digestive Health‡ Helps Boost Cellular Hydration‡ May Help Support a Healthy Immune System‡ May Help The Body Fight Harmful Bacteria‡

Velovita developed byōm™ because of understanding how vitally important gut health is to the immune system and the rest of your body.

When the balance in the body is off, fatigue may become your best friend.

which includes cravings, poor sleep, migraines, bloating, mood issues, and more.

Helpful microbes in your body work to take care of all this, but giving them more help would be great for you.

The probiotics this snap delivered would work wonderfully with the gut!

Byōm™ is the new way to support your body from within.

This probiotic supports your gut microbiome health, Its harmonic combination of enzyme and probiotic blends does an awesome job of tracing mineral complexes, and more.

And is made to deliver the support your body needs to stay in balance. The combination in this product also helps your body to work the way it should.

It puts the body in a state where it is functioning at ideal strength.

When you are in an alkaline state, your digestive system works better and your body is free of excess build-up and becomes stronger overall.

Help your body to operate in a much more efficient and healthy state, by starting to use our healthy snap packs.

Biohack and take very good care of your body balance and a whole lot more.

Our byōm™ snap helps deliver the probiotics necessary to place your body in an alkaline state.

Just take a snap of byōm™ before your meals to bring balance to your body and climb your way to a healthier you.

Every snap of byōm™ has a great amount of PH and helps put your body in a state that:

  • Supports Proper Cell Functions

  • Promotes Better Sleep

  • Increases Alertness and Mental Sharpness

Recommended Use: Take it at least once daily, preferably in the morning. You can take it directly or add it to 8-10 oz. of water or milk.

For optimal results, use 30 minutes prior to a meal, use in conjunction with plôs® Thermo and zlēm® for maximum digestive health benefits.

Store at room temperature or below to preserve freshness.

A box of byōm™ contains 25 Snaps (15mL)

‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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