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My Loving Mom!

Updated: May 8

In Memory Of My Loving MOM.

My mom is a blessed woman, GOD has blessed her with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

She was an exceptional woman and very unique in her own way.

She was not perfect but exceptional, she was a woman of GOD.

She loves GOD and makes sure her children grow up in church and understand that there is only One True GOD, which is the ALMIGHTY GOD.

The GOD of Jacob, Isacc, and Moses, she also loves people, my mom enjoys helping people.

She would go and feed the homeless even when she was not feeling well. She was a giver, a server of GOD, and to people.

she was a beautiful flower blooming in the eyes of The Almighty GOD.

My mom was an amazing woman, she was the apple of GOD's eye.

My Mom is a Beautiful Jamaican Woman.

She was born on this awesome Island and then moved to the United States and lived here for many long years.

Her skill was in management, but her heart was after the purpose that GOD had given to her.

She was the oldest of her siblings and helped them to betterment in the best way she could. Mommy was not perfect like I said, but unique and amazing in her own way.

Mommy You Are Gone Home To Jesus, But Not Forgotten; We Love You, Mommy.

Thank you for reading our blog, hope you find help in them. By the way, Go Here and learn more.

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