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Updated: May 8


Don't be defeated by your own small thinking; You have to think bigger than yourself.

You are as strong as you think you are, it is totally up to you, don't let distraction stop you, fight back with the word of GOD.

Do you want to be captive or do you want to be a conquerer? You are more than a conqueror, you just happen to be in Babylon.

You have to dig thirsty, just keep digging you will hit something.

If you push it, it will move, and while you keep pushing, it will spring into life and grow to good success. GOD will help you when you use what you have. (Bishop T.D.Jakes.

Learning, Growing, and Helping Others Are Some Of Life's Main Focus.

Start thinking for yourself, and do what you think is best for you and yours. Not just what other people tell you to do.

Get your mindset in the right position where you can elevate to where GOD is taking you.

Do not sit down and let people limit you for their own personal use.

People's comfort is not your responsibility, move to better, and educate yourself on what you are interested in doing.

Take courses, and go back to school, however, or whatever it is that you are planning to help yourself with.

Start reading books, and do something to help you get somewhere.

The ability to become the best person we can be is to nurture our everyday focus, goal, and achievement; In the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state of our life.

Be a productive and useful person in your lifetime, Let your name be remembered. And let your children and your children - children and the rest of the generation, remember the courage that you share in this world.

You are GOD's masterpiece and you can do anything with the ALMIGHTY GOD by your side.

Living With A Purpose:

Live a meaningful life, Pour healthy food into your brain that will help and keep you in the right mindset and focus.

Listen to the word of GOD, find your purpose, and run with it.

Don't ever let anyone take your voice away, speak up for yourself.

Helping others with your precious gift, and gaining more as you help others is where this becomes really meaningful and the best of all things. Helping others is something special to GOD and to you.

Please be careful of how you treat the people that you think you don't need. Learning, Growing, and helping others is a beautiful thing to do in life.

We all get tired after a while when we keep trying everything and everything fails, we do get tired we are human beings.

But when you find the purpose that GOD has for you run with it.

People will try to talk you down to discourage you, but you keep your focus and go after what you want.

You can do anything with GOD by your side, run with GOD he is your strength; he will get you there.

A toast to you and yours in the race to success.

It might take you a long time to get where you want to go, but don't stop digging you will hit something.

It's not over until GOD says it's over, Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil because my GOD is with me.

My GOD prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. (Psalm 23)

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